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Needless Auto Accidents Are Way Too Common

It is a fact of life that, at some point in their lifetime, everyone will most likely be involved in an auto accident. If not, somehow auto accident may affect your life. Weíve all heard about drunk drivers who was in a crash and ended up killing an innocent person. Oftentimes a family member or friend that we know. Also, other factors such as immature drivers and unnecessary distractions cause needless vehicular fatalities.

Teen Drivers

When a teenager dies in a tragic accident because they were driving irresponsibly, we all shake our hands in disbelief. It my opinion that teens should not get a license at 16, contrary to what I even believed at that age. I believe that 18 is a good time for teens to start driving. That way, we have less erratic wild driving by immature teens.

Another problem is erratic driving caused by unnecessary distractions. Year after year, people die in accidents due to inattention due to things like talking on the cell phone, changing a radio station, eating and driving, disciplining kids, etc while driving down the road.

Focus on The Road! 

Anytime you are focused on something other than the road and other vehicles around you, it is putting everyone at risk. You might be singing along to the radio, drumming your fingers on the dashboard and not see the light turning red in front of you. Every day, I see tons of drivers zoom past me while talking a mile a minute on their cell phones. People may think that they are being responsible by purchasing hands-free kits for talking while driving, but anytime you are focused on anything other than the road, it is a formula for potential tragedy. It is sad to know that most auto accidents could be prevented if people simply paid more attention to their surroundings and used some common sense about the dangers of the road.

There are still tons of people who seem to think that a yellow light means drive as fast as possible to beat the light. Unfortunately, the person who is getting the green light might not know that you think you can beat the light. Suddenly, your hurry to beat the light ends up in an auto accident that could have been prevented.

Drunk Driving Is Stupid!

Drunk driving doesnít have to occur. Thatís the easiest type of auto accident to avoid. Simply make the responsible decision to not drink and drive. Too often, the drunk driver is the one to survive the accident and the sober individuals end up losing their lives. It never seems fair. When you make the decision to get behind the wheel after having some drinks, you are admitting that you have no respect for yourself or others.

Think Before Your Drive

Take the time to look around you while youíre driving. Avoid the easy mistakes on the road. Realize that there are so many people around you who just donít have time for an auto accident that day. So take these tips to heart and learn to prevent auto accidents.




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